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Surveillance video camera is mounted to a brick wall outside a building for security.




A surveillance video camera is a camera that mounted on the ceiling.

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CCTV, Security Cameras Repair NYC has been a leader in CCTV sales and service since 1999 and we continue to offer our unique style of consultations and value priced CCTV hardware.
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Close Circuit TV Repair and Install deliver the latest in technology for securing your home or business. From real-time CCTV monitoring and digital recording to biometric access and time tracking, we provide solutions that put you in control.
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Meeting the needs of the client is the goal of the designer of a system that utilizes CCTV cameras. Only by sitting down with the client and defining what the clients needs are can a CCTV system be successfully designed and implemented. In many cases the client has no knowledge of what the CCTV cameras can do for him and only has general ideas. Through a client meeting, the CCTV system designer can define the needs and design a system that utilizes CCTV cameras to fit those needs.
There are so many types and styles of security equipment available that making choices might seem overwhelming. Fortunately, our expertise and focus on combined CCTV services enables us to help you customize the right mix of products and CCTV services for your monitoring and security needs. Thus, our broad range of tools and applications ultimately leads to you getting the most advanced security system possible.

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When a CCTV camera system is installed, the CCTV cameras are only part of the design concept. Simply putting cameras into a location is not an adequate CCTV system. There are several factors involved in designing a CCTV system, location, problem areas and type of camera utilized are all parts of the equation for a successful CCTV camera installation.

The type of camera installed is a factor, and yes there are different types of CCTV camera. Where they are placed on the property is a factor. What type of coverage that they provide is a factor. If they provide too much area coverage, identification of individual people can be compromised. What type of camera to install is a final factor. Does the camera need to be in color or is black and white sufficient? Does the camera simply need to monitor the area or does the client need to identify individual people. When a CCTV camera system is in the design stages, the provider of the CCTV cameras needs to sit down with the client and identify all of these areas.

Position of the CCTV cameras on the property is critical. If the camera is not in the proper position, then the camera can not view the problem areas that the client is concerned about. If the CCTV cameras do not view the client's areas of concern then the CCTV cameras are worthless to the client. The preliminary discussion with the client should delineate exactly what the client wishes to view and the cameras should be placed accordingly.

Problem areas differ for each client. A convenience store has different problem areas than a department store does. Each CCTV camera installation is unique and has different requirements. When it comes to CCTV cameras and their installation, there is no "one size fits all". The provider of the CCTV cameras has the experience to have a general idea of what each particular installation will require pertaining to coverage. This knowledge can be applied during discussions with the client to provide CCTV cameras and their position and application with the client.

In any application, there are different requirements. A camera that is simply utilized to monitor traffic in a location does not need critically high resolution. The client's need is to simply determine how many people are entering or leaving a specific area. A requirement to monitor faces or license plates on vehicles will require a camera of much higher resolution. As with any other product, the more resolution the client needs, the higher the cost will be for the CCTV cameras. Less sophisticated cameras are more inexpensive than the highly sophisticated cameras on the market. Designing a system involving CCTV cameras requires a mix of both unsophisticated and sophisticated cameras that meet the client's needs.

Security Camera Repair NYC offering a complete line of integrated security systems including Closed Circuit TV (CCTV), Access Control Systems, Photo ID Badging, UL Listed Burglar Alarm and Fire Alarm Systems in New York. Access Security Corporation is the premier provider of security access systems, with a reputation for absolute customer satisfaction. Security Camera NYC Offering complete solutions is IP CCTV surveillance, card access systems and network access control systems.

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